The Board

The Board consists of 7 persons, five are elected by license holders and two are appointed by the provincial government.

Current members of the Board are:

·         Paul Blackwood, elected member, 3-year Term 2010-2013; Board Chairperson (2011)

·         David Dewling, elected member, 3-year Term 2010-2013; Registrar (2011)

·         Stan Hampton, elected member, 2-year Term 2010-2012; Chair of Finance Committee (2011)

·         Dominic Lippa, elected member, 2-year Term 2010-2012

·         Gerry Cook, elected member, 1-year Term 2010-2011

·         Layperson: Jackie Manuel, 3-year term

·         Layperson: Louise Pinsent-Parsons, 3-year term

Board Administrator: Lynda Hayward