The Board

Boards and Committees 2016-17


Jim Case – Chair
Paula Pittman – Finance Chair
Greg Snow – Registrar

Members: Taryn Sheppard; Paul Chafe; Louise Pinsent-Parsons – Appointed; Jackie Manuel – Appointed


Standing Committee on Continuing Education:

Robert Menchenton – Chair
Members: Sue Wright, Paula Pittman


Standing Committee on Legislative Change:

Paul Blackwood – Chair
Members: Charlie Henley, Stephen Wiseman


Complaints Authorization Committee:

Members: Charlie Henley, Paul Blackwood, Jackie Manuel – Appointed


Disciplinary Committee:

Sandy Gibbobs – Chair

Members: Glenn Barnes, Strat Barrett, Paula Pittman, Susan Wright, Charlie Henley, Carl Yetman, Ron Fougere; Steve McLean – Appointed; Glen Forbes – Appointed; Andrew Butt – Appointed