Continuing Education Requirements

The Council of the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Architects (NLAA) approved the Mandatory Continuing Education Program National Framework in January 2003.

In July 2010, Government proclaimed into law the new Architects Act 2008, which resulted in

the formation of the Architects Licensing Board of Newfoundland and Labrador (ALBNL).

The creation of the Board was an initiative of Government to reorganize each of the province’s self‐regulating professional organizations into two independent bodies, an Advocacy body NLAA and a Regulatory body ALBNL, and to address inconsistencies in disciplinary procedures between Associations.

At the same time the Association was successful in having Government incorporate other changes to the Act which are intended to streamline some of the administrative procedures. 


For this two‐year reporting Period (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018) members are required to obtain 15


The number of learning hours ALBNL members can carry over to the next reporting Continuing Education Cycle are as follows:

  •  CORE/STRUCTURED: 8 hours


    Members are required to report all activities, both CORE/STRUCTURED and SELF‐ DIRECTED/UNSTRUCTURED to their Web based Continuing Education transcript.

    A Continuing Education transcript audit will commence at the close of Cycle Seven ‐ June 30, 2018. For the purposes of the transcript audit, the ALBNL member shall maintain the supporting documentation for all educational activities completed during the Cycle for a period of two years after the end of the Cycle. Members shall submit such documentation to the ALBNL only upon request.

    Members have the option to seek recognition or equivalency for learning activities completed during the Continuing Educational Cycle. If the learning activity focuses on one of the CORE/STRUCTURED topics established by the ALBNL and a member would like to assess it for CORE/STRUCTURED eligibility, the Member Request for Equivalency Form should be submitted to the ALBNL for consideration.

    In order to ensure Architects who are licensed in multiple jurisdictions in Canada do not record their Continuing Education (CE) activities on multiple transcripts (unless they prefer to do so), the ALBNL developed a form to allow ALBNL members outside of Newfoundland and Labrador the opportunity to record their CE activities on a transcript in a Province/Territory of their choice other than Newfoundland and Labrador or their home jurisdiction. Upon receipt of the completed Declaration Form, the ALBNL will communicate directly with the selected jurisdiction to ensure CE compliance.